FLV to AVI - Freeware to convert Flash Video

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FLV to AVI - Freeware to convert Flash Video

Post by encoderX » Sun May 13, 2018 2:03 am

FLV to AVI - Freeware to converting Flash Video (.flv) to AVI:

- FLV to AVI is one free software to convert Adobe Flash video to AVI video, simple and easy to use, just input the file name of your Flash video file, and choose one output AVI video format.

- The software will convert your Flash file (.flv) to the AVI video (.avi) in minutes (the default output AVI video is MPEG4 video format).

- FLV to AVI support several different AVI video codecs, include MPEG4, DivX, Xvid, QuickTime (MOV), WMV and 3GP. It can only convert audio data form Flash video file to MP3 audio (output MP3 audio is 128kbps 44kHz stereo, standard "CD quality" bit rate).

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| OS: XP/VISTA/7 (VISTA & 7 32bits and 64bits) | Size: 4.92 MB | Price: FREE | Licence: Freeware |